Joanna Logue

20 julio 2016

Los paisajes semi-abstractos de Joanna Logue
My painting is inspired by the landscape surrounding my studio in Oberon. I am interested in the tension created by the juxtaposition of shapes against the wider field and the placement of these forms within the picture plain. By doing away with extraneous detail, my hope is that a kind of distillation might take place, where the essence of this landscape humps softly through.

Jai Alai

04 julio 2016

El fotógrafo y diseñador donostiarra José Javier Serrano (Donostia, 1981), más conocido artísticamente como Yosigo, retrata en esta serie el lado bonito de la llamada cesta punta. 

La Costa Gris

02 julio 2016

La Costa Gris, una serie del fotógrafo y diseñador gráfico barcelonés Salva López
The Mediterranean coast portrayed by Salva López reveals a melancholy different from the one emerging from the empty desolation of a place, a place really forgotten. A melancholy hanging on, patiently waiting for the beginning of the warm season. But in reality, the doubt that this is not necessary a return to like, takes shape from the nostalgia originating from the gray color of the surrounding light.